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Chiropractic Pain and Injury Center is a family friendly practice!

We welcome your children in our office and even have a kid’s corner to distract them while you receive your care. Seeing parent’s care for their bodies is the best way to help children learn good self-care habits and can reduce fear and make your child more comfortable if they ever need care themselves.

We encourage chiropractic care for every age from 0-900.  Not only will chiropractic care encourage their bodies to grow up straight and strong but it also will help show your children the importance of caring for your body along the way and not just when problems arise. 

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Some of the more common conditions, aside from injuries, that we treat in children 

Growing Pains

Children’s bodies are constantly developing and growing up is hard work. Whether your child suffers from growing pains or has strains caused by their rough and tumble lifestyle, chiropractic treatments can keep them going without pain and allow their body to develop optimally. 


Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine. In some cases a person is born with an abnormal curvature and in others it may develop over time. Chiropractic does not cure or reverse scoliosis but helps to prevent further degradation of the spine.  This abnormal curvature can cause a multitude of symptoms including uneven hips and/or shoulders, back pain, numbness/weakness/pain in the legs, trouble walking and standing straight. Chiropractic adjustments and therapies help to alleviate these symptoms while improving function and increasing mobility into the effected joints. 


The nervous system controls all of the other body systems and misalignments cause interference in the messages sent between them. Restriction of nerves in the thoracic spine can cause interference in how the stomach and esophagus function. Many parents find that the correction of these misalignments decreases or even resolves their child’s reflux symptoms.    

Betwetting/bladder control issues  

Bedwetting and bladder control are a common issue with children but many parents find that their child, after the appropriate time training and implementing coping strategies, continues to struggle. In many of these cases a misalignment of the lumbar spine, whose nerves control the bladder can be the cause of these issues. The phrenic nerve in the cervical spine also plays a role in telling the body when to relax smooth muscles and interference with this nerve can be a contributing factor to bedwetting during deep sleep. A chiropractor can identify where misalignments are occurring and gently correct them. 


Nerves in the lumbar spine and sacrum control the intestines and bowels. If these nerves are impeded by misalignments, it can cause inflammation leading to constipation. Chiropractic treatments can release pressure on the nerves allowing the digestive system to do its job properly, relieving constipation and allowing regular movement of the bowels. 

If your child suffers from other conditions or causes of pain that you do not see listed fear not!
    Contact our office and we will be happy to consult on how chiropractic treatment can help.